The More You Listen, The More You Learn...

Mrs. Rosenzweig's Fifth-Grade Classroom Website

About Mrs. Rosenzweig

Years at Skinner: 10 years

Schools Attended:University of Michigan for an undergraduate degree in Communications.  Attended Loyola University for a graduate degree in Elementary Education. 

Favorite Musical Group: Better Than Ezra 

Favorite Sports Team: University of Michigan Football 

What color best describes your personality and why? Yellow best desribes my personality because I am energetic and cheerful.

Favorite Book/ Author: Shel Silverstein- "The Giving Tree" 

Favorite Quote:"Every step of the journey is the journey" 

Greatest Achievement:Going back to school for my Master's in Education Degree 5years after working in public relations. 

What inspired you to become a teacher?-After volunteering at a camp for children with special needs I knew I had a passion to work with children.  It wasn't until I was working for the got milk? campaign that I was reminded how much their smiling milk mustache faces and inquisitive minds made me feel eager to spend more time with them inside of a classroom. 

What do you enjoy most about teaching? I love when students have that 'ah-ha' moment of understanding a specific topic or idea. 

Hobbies include: 

-Playing with my children Emma and Daniel

-Hanging out with my family and friends

-Dancing, knitting and running

-Trying new restaurants in Chicago